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Physical Security


Physical security is the use of physical controls to protect you, your employees, your property, your buildings, your equipment, your stock and so on. These include CCTV, intrusion alarm systems, perimeter protection, access control systems and increasingly, the use of “natural” objects to provide security as well as presenting a positive corporate appearance and minimising any harm to you, your people and your property. 

We at Digisec have many years of experience designing, implementing and configuring total security solutions. We cooperate with the best manufacturers around the globe in order to offer you tailor made solutions. We have designed and installed some of the biggest and most demanding projects in Greece and abroad.



Covid-19 Solutions

Thermal Temperature Monitoring


Our Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solution offers the latest hybrid thermal network camera that combines a Vanadium Oxide (VOx) sensor with a 2 MP visible-light sensor. The solution also provides a blackbody calibration device that maintains a customizable constant temperature as a reference point for the thermal camera. The thermal camera coupled with the blackbody calibration device and a feature-rich 4 TB Network Video Recorder delivers a contactless solution for continuous and non-invasive comparison of human skin temperature compared to the blackbody device. Thermal Temperature Monitoring technology enables quick detection of elevated skin temperatures compared to the customizable blackbody calibration device. Thermal imaging equipment can easily be installed and implemented to detect elevated skin temperature in environments such as airports, hospitals, clinics, office buildings, cruise ships, and any large public gathering location. The smart thermal network cameras can determine the object’s precise temperature and the temperature distribution even on small and fast moving objects. Those cameras are excellent for detecting water leak behind a wall, a person hidden in the bushes at night, or identify passengers with a fever passing through a checkpoint.

CCTV and Video Surveillance​

Digisec provides an extensive range of CCTV solutions, which we can tailor to meet the individual needs of your business. We offer a choice of High Definition analogue CVI and DVI CCTV systems to the latest IP based digital solutions.
We advise you on the best solution to meet your current and future requirements. We have no allegiance to any one brand of equipment and offer free independent advice on the equipment that is right for you.

Access Control Systems

Digisec’s commercial access control equipment can create a safer environment for your business by allowing access only to authorised personnel, whilst also discouraging opportunistic theft. From simple one-door systems installed as part of your intruder alarm system to multi-site systems controlled via one intutative Graphical User Interface (GUI), our experienced designers can guide you in selecting the most suitable solution for your requirements.


Video Analytics

Video Analytics is the automated video stream processing and analysis. In short, it’s an intelligent surveillance system. 
Video Analytics supports data analysis either in real-time for live event detection or at a later time of a recorded video, a process called Forensics Video Analytics alerts us for all suspected behavior in a timely manner, and supports security staff to react promptly, prevent suspicious events from turning into dangerous incidents, and review – quickly analyze recorded videos to detect suspicious incidents.
The use of these systems can lead to avoiding high loss and damage, as well as extracting valuable information by studying the statistics.

X-RAY Scanners

X-Ray scanners are now an integral part of physical security at airports, ports, customs, stadiums, organizations and large corporations. Whether it’s parcel and letter tracking, tracking bags, luggage, or vehicle detection, Digisec has the experience to suggest the right system for your needs.
We offer an extensive range of X-Ray scanners, from parcel scanners to secure your envelopes and parcels, to cargo scanners for use in airports, ports and train stations.
Contact us to suggest the appropriate system tailored to your needs. We also provide magnetic metal detecting gates as well as hand held metal detectors.


Computer Rooms, Control Rooms & Cabling

Control rooms sit at the heart of a security installation, bringing together video surveillance, access control and fire control into one room. We will design your control room from scratch and deliver it turnkey in order for your security guards to be able to monitor effectively the security systems installation. 
A well-designed structured cabling installation unifies your IT infrastructure for data, voice and video.
We professionally install your new cabling and make it easier to upgrade your systems as your business grows. Proper installation and certification of a structured cabling infrastructure requires an understanding of your business operations and goals.
Digisec works with you to ensure your new infrastructure delivers the level of performance and adaptability you need.


ANPR and Parking Management Systems

Our ANPR system intelligently monitors approaching vehicles, matching the registration numbers with the information in its inbuilt proprietary database and displaying selected details, such as vehicle make/model, driver’s name and image. It can be combined with automatic barriers in order to effectively control the access of white or black listed vehicles in your premises. Digisec offers a parking management system designed and built from the drawing board to the final delivery. The system provides maximum security and reliability, with complete access to data management. Designed in a way to meet the needs of on-street parking as well as access to controlled parking areas. It is a comprehensive system comprising the parking sensors, gateways, revenue management, and central software for administrative reporting and analytics.


Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection is an important asset for industrial, commercial, public or private residential sites. Digisec guarantees the protection of your site by enhancing the best technologies in Microwave, Infrared, Optical and Doppler sensors, as well as Video Analytics solutions in order to ensure total protection of sensible sites. Thanks to the sensibility levels our systems can achieve, along with newest intelligent warning signal analysis systems they work with, our perimeter protection solutions assure total security of buildings in all kind of sites, from high security areas like military and power plants to industrial, commercial and residential needs


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