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Homeland security


We cooperate with the biggest and most advanced security and defence manufacturers around the globe.

From surveillance and border protection, to anti-drone systems and critical infrastructure surveillance, we provide state of the art protection systems for every need.



Covid-19 Solutions

Terra 4D C19 – Analytics applied to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic


  • Fixed body temperature volume screening using thermal imagers and black 
  • body human body temperature detectors
  • Manual medical check-points 
  • Temperature screening is part of the COVID 19 detection process
  •  High body temperature may be due to numerous reasons and is purely one indication of a possible COVID carrier
  • Thermal Imager At Choke Points In Key Locations (Airports, Courts, Shopping Centers, Stations, Hospitals, etc)
    • Automatically flag someone over 37.5°C
    • Manually intervene or automatically alert
    • Optionally also capture their face for FR & metadata (eg phone ID) identification and tracking purposes
  • Accurate & Expensive VS Less-Accurate & Low Cost
    • Specialist cameras (Avio, Flir etc) which are extremely sensitive but expensive
    • Commodity cameras (Axis, etc.) much cheaper, but less sensitive
    • ONVIF cameras make integration easy


On detection of a person with abnormally high temperature suspected of having COVID-19:
The person of interest (POI) is stopped, separated and subjected to a medical interrogation to collect data about past movements, other symptoms, contacts etc.


POI tested for COVID-19

  • If positive, personal details are registered including photo image that could be also be included in a Facial Recognition database


  • The infected POI must install FAST’s Tracker App in his mobile phone and maintain the device ON.
  • The Tracker App is a cutdown version of the current Tracker. Many fields are pre/auto-filled by the police/medical authority
  • POI confinement/isolation address is used as the geolocation point for geofencing
  • Typical geo-fence radius of 50m
  • Message function of app can be used for self temperature checking and reporting to medical control
  • App has medical alarm function for any condition requiring urgent medical attention


  • POI must report daily health status via mobile app to city authorities / medical teams (shortness of breath, high fever, cough, etc.)
  • Request medical help / support in case POI feels very sick via mobile app
  • Frequent reporting of current location (every 5min)


  • In case POI leaves the geo-fenced confinement zone:
  • Info sent via automatic text message
  • Alarm raised to operator in C2C
  • If POI not returned within 5min operator repeats message
  • If still not returned after 10min intervention team is sent to POI
  • AI to detect changes in daily health status and automatically inform medical teams and POI for further action


  • GIS view permits overall Situational Awareness with current locations of:
    • Police team members
    • Emergency team members / ambulances
    • POI under quarantine
    • POI with confirmed COVID-19 infection
  • Ability to send and guide intervention teams (police and/or ambulances) to target coordinates / addresses
  • Exchange of information via incident and health reports

Direct voice and text communication with mobile teams


  • C19 End to End Solution provides a Dashboard application to visualize the current status within the community
  • Present COVID-19 data such as people under quarantine and # of infected persons etc.
  • Alarms (POIs not staying in quarantine and emergency calls)
  • GIS visualization of hotspots in cities
  • Social distancing monitoring
  • Crowd monitoring
  • Trend charts


  • Entry of the POI’s mobile phone number
  • MVNO provide the historical track of this phone number of the last 10 days
  • Geo-locations are shared with the time stamp with all other MVNOs in country
  • Forensic search and correlation other phone numbers at the same location for more than 10min during this 10 days period
  • Result: List of other phone numbers (mobile phone users) who might be infected
  • Action: Check health status of other mobile phone users and send notification  to go to the nearest COVID-19 test center immediately

Anti Drones

In DigiSec, loyal to our vision of providing the most technologically advanced solutions, we have established exclusive partnerships with some of the world’s largest companies specializing in monitoring and guarding critical sites. We have developed a plan to deal effectively with the problem of uncontrolled use of unmanned airplanes and helicopters, of all sizes. The system we are proposing is already in place and fully operational in many countries where they face similar problems. Our system, composed of radars, cameras and frequency jammers can detect even the smallest drone in a radius up to 8 kilometers. It then confirms it visually with conventional and thermal cameras. Finally, it interrupts the drone’s communication with the user and forces it to return to where it took off, by safely removing him from the critical area.


Critical Infrastructure

Protecting the critical infrastructure of a state is of utmost importance for national security. Power plants, water reserves and other critical state infrastructure sites can be targets of terrorism or sabotage. Effective surveillance of these sites, which in many cases is remote, is critical.
Digisec has developed a cost-effective critical infrastructure security solution that combines real-time video analytics for the reliable detection of any intrusion.
The solution we offer can detect individuals, groups or vehicles in restricted zones in a timely manner, minimizing the false alarms that can be caused by animal movements, shadows, changes in illumination or adverse weather conditions.


Boarder Protection

The protection of the land and sea borders of a state is not only about preventing hostile military intervention but also about the effective guarding of persons or groups that aim to sabotage, terrorist acts or just smuggling. Trends in recent years have made terrorism a key security issue, and the ever-increasing migratory flows, especially in our country, have significantly increased the risk of terrorists intruding into national security. Keeping the borders with soldiers or ships requires a large number of resources and has proven to be ineffective. 
Fences have significantly reduced the risks of illegal invasion of people and cargo, but they are too costly and unattainable over long distances and distances. The most effective solution for border surveillance is the use of new generation radars, where combined with thermal cameras and high resolution cameras as well as the use of a surveillance platform make the task of protecting the long distances of our borders the most effective solution. We offer surveillance radars using electronic scanning (e-scan) and Doppler signal processing technology, as well as surveillance platforms where we can integrate new and existing infrastructure


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