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Cyber Security


Cyber security is relevant to protect intellectual property rights, commercial interests, or to keep sensitive information safe. Even the most capable in-house IT teams can struggle to keep pace with the ever-increasing threats, leaving businesses wide open to attack. We deliver an intelligent approach to cyber security that provides peace of mind. We’ll share our experience, supplement your employees’ knowledge and boost your existing information security systems.

Digisec can be the cyber security partner you can trust. We can provide cyber security experts who have the deep, specialist skills you need. We help our clients manage complex security challenges with a business-focused approach.

We offer cyber security consultancy, solutions and services, including:

• Risk and vulnerability assessments, security improvement plans, compliance checks, insider threat analysis, threat trends, training services, recovery planning and security audits;

• Secure solutions design such as mobile and cloud, pen testing, secure systems engineering, identity and access management, system test and evaluation and crypto management;

• Managed security services for protective monitoring and analysis, giving you protection via our worldwide network of Security Operations Centres (SOCs). We also provide security management services including network and device management, incident response and advanced investigation/analytics for dealing with advanced threats.


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