Our philosophy at Digisec, is to combine our values, which are hard bonded with corporate ethics, consistency and transparency, together with innovation and advanced technologies.

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Retail Analytics

3D Alpha+ People Counter

98% Accuracy.
We set high standards.

V-Count 3D Alpha+ provides industry leading 98% counting accuracy rate due to its stereo vision technology, and state of the art tracking algorithms. The device is also equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sensors providing a wide array of analytics and also a push message to phone capability.


Boost Every Corner
of Your Store.

V-Count Heatmap with its unique algorithm and fish eyes lens, allows you to follow the customers’ journey inside your store and discover what are the areas that they are more attracted to, what they search for and what motivates them to buy. Understanding the reasons behind the performance of successful areas will help you optimize the performance for each corner of your store.

Queue Management

Long Queues,
Lost Customers.

Equipped with an advanced algorithm and the latest stereo vision technology, V-Count Queue can accurately measure the number of customers at checkout desks real time and let you measure & increase service. Define the optimal queue length, optimize your staff allocation at checkout desks and avoid losing customers due to long queues.

Staff Elimination

Pure Visitor Counting
Data. Personnel Excluded.

V-Count Staff Eliminator is a low energy Bluetooth device which when combined with V-Count BLE Tags, it can exclude your personnel’s entry and exit patterns from your total customer traffic count, delivering pure visitor numbers.

Business Intelligence Platform

Analyze Your

Accurate reporting is a vital tool for businesses to analyze their operations and use that information for the decision-making process to evaluate the effectiveness. We deliver you highly advanced and easy-to-use reports for various departments and functions. These analyses can be automated, customized and sent on a regular, predetermined basis.