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Bird Monitoring System



The need for an effective bird deterrent is important in many of today’s industries. In the past there have been many attempts to develop a successful system with few achieving adequate results.

The use of Machine Learning algorithms on which our system is based, provides a frame work for multiple types of deterrent with the possibility for use in a variety of applications. Bird Monitoring System is effective in deterring birds from areas such as airports, crops and public buildings.




Wind parks

According to the EU legislation, all wind parks in Natura 2000 areas are obliged to install Bird Deterrent systems to their turbines, in order to protect the wildlife. Our Bird Monitoring System detects and identifies birds earlier and more accurately that any other system in the market.


Our Bird Monitoring System can deter the landing of gulls, cormorants and shorebirds on port facilities, boats and yachts. Its long detection range guarantees that large areas can be covered.

Industrial buildings

Nesting crows, starlings, pigeons, gulls and other birds can create all sorts of problems for commercial buildings. Our Bird Monitoring System will effectively and harmlessly scares birds away 24/7.


Birds cause more damage to produce farms than any other creature. Each year birds destroy crops and cause farmers significant economic damage. BMS is the best solution available to protect your crops from birds.

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