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Bird Monitoring System


We have developed an innovative Bird Monitoring System using state-of-the-art security and software development technologies. We have managed to deter the protected birds from the wind turbines, maximizing their operating time, almost eliminating their shut down time and minimizing noise pollution. The development of this innovative product, unique in functionality with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, adds value to the global wind energy market.

BMS Advantages:

• State of the art Machine Learning algorithm
• 24 / 7 all weather operation
• Minimum sound pollution – directional sound
• Automated bird classification
• Fewer false detections
• Maximize turbine operation – less stoppage time
• 24 / 7 / 365 support
• Advanced analytics and reporting platform





The high-tech cameras are continuously scanning the covered area for birds. The bird detection system uses advanced artificial intelligence  and Machine Learning algorith to identify birds. We can distinguish between birds and other objects. The bird detection system has the possibility to continuously improve its detection capabilities using Machine Learning video content analysis algorithms. It uses advanced classifiers and large databases to achieve its performance. Images and video sequences can also be recorded.


Collision Avoidance

Detected birds that are flying in the high-risk collision area are getting acoustic warnings through special sounds. The behavior of the treated birds is being monitored during and after the warning, and if the direction of the flight has not been deflected in a sufficient order, the sound is applied again until the birds leave the protected area.



Further actions are taken (in case of a wind turbine installation) and the system automatically shuts down the wind generator in order to protect the birds from a prospective fatal collision. Our advanced detection technology minimizes the shutdown incidents of the Wind Turbine Generator.


Digisec’s Bird Monitoring System is based on an Machine Learning algorithm that detects birds with the highest accuracy possible and reduces false positives to a minimum, thus giving more running time for your turbines.

Our Bird Monitoring System is the most advanced bird deterrent system in the market.

Our BMS is constantly being trained on the fly gathering data from more than 120 installations  

We are Digisec and our DNA is Machine Learning


System Health Monitoring

We are using advanced software to continuously monitor the system’s operation. We can receive alarms and notifications automatically and we can remotely troubleshoot and restore functionality.

Service Level Agreement

We provide Service Level Agreement focusing on the day-to-day support functions and processes to ensure efficient and reliable services for the system’s operation.

Automated Bird Classification

The high definition detected images are sent for further analysis on cloud servers, where our state-of-the-art software can automatically classify the birds and prepare automated reports.



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