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Real Time Occupancy

Covid-19 Solutions

Follow government social distancing restrictions on COVID-19 by tracking & managing incoming visitor traffic with digital screening. Monitor live your occupancy levels to keep your customers and staff safe.
Let your customers know when it is safe to enter your store by showing them your occupancy level or your message on digital screens

Monitor in Real-Time Occupancy & Traffic

to follow government social distancing guidelines from the live occupancy dashboard. Integrate the occupancy data into your own application through API, allowing your customers to check the live traffic numbers in the nearest store.


Health & Safety Measurements for Staff

By tracking customer to staff ratio throughout the day and per hour. Contain the total number of customers in-store each staff member is subjected to, limiting the spread.


Enable Email & Push Notifications

to be informed when visitor traffic thresholds are being breached. When the store occupancy reaches the designated threshold, store staff instantly get notified to control in and out for safety precautions.


Display The Occupancy Recommendation

on digital screens facing outside the store, to coordinate queuing and waiting time of customers. No Integration required. Plug and play. Keep visitors outside the store informed with visual alerts and warnings suggesting when occupancy limits are breached or when it is safe to enter.


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