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Pax Flow

Airports are about more than just getting people from departure to destination – it’s about creating unforgettable passenger experiences, and that takes a deeper understanding of the airport ecosystem. Travelling is facing colossal changes after the corona-era. Airports are facing pressure on profitable operations, and competition for both aero and non-aero revenue sources. Solving these challenges requires improved visibility and predictability around passenger behaviour, and how they will engage with processes and services – all of which are essential for better planning decisions.

Our Pax Flow solution is tailored to individual airports´ unique needs. It combines location analysis, forecasting and engagement data from pre-existing data sources and add-on sensor technologies.

Maximising the advantages of independent technologies provides a cost-effective, adaptable and scalable solution that provides valuable insights into how people move and use the airport.

This enables optimal resource and facility use, offers greater revenue opportunities, and creates unrivalled passenger experiences.

+ Streamline operations to match capacity with demand at the right times
+ Plan expansions and capacity upgrades to match growth expectations
+ Re-think and improve airport experiences to increase non-aero revenue
+ Optimise gate selection by aligning passenger profiles with carriers
+ Improve performance to ensure compliance with service-level agreements
+ Communicate real-time wait times to manage passenger expectations
+ Limit bottlenecks and overcrowding to prevent hazardous situations



Flow Management

Airport wide flow insight.
Build a seamless picture of passenger movement and dwell times – from home to gate. Gain a deeper understanding of how individual processes depend on, and influence, each other.
Make more informed resource, retail and expansion planning decisions and unlock new business opportunities with tailored insight on flow patterns, from entrance to exit and shopping.
With Veovo’s ability to provide an airport wide view, it is easier to focus on the right challenges and to effectively improve all operations.

Queue Management

For real time insight and historic trends.
Improve queue performance, and ensure compliance with service-level agreements with reliable people counts, and real-time dwell and wait time analytics. Layer historic trends with real time understanding to eliminate guesswork, improve staff resource planning and limit overcrowding to prevent hazardous situations. Manage passenger expectations and improve the airport experience by providing accurate wait-time information across mutliple channels.

Capacity Management

Match the demand at the right times with smart resource allocation.
Continually balance resources with demand with insights into passenger show-up times and volume for every flight, down to the minute. Anticipate variations due to holidays and adapt in real time to compensate for unexpected events such as changes in the flight schedule or weather delays.
With more accurate, timely forecasts, you can quickly flex to efficiently streamline resources, smooth the passenger journey and improve on-time departures.

Data-mining and Predictive Algorithms

Combines data from multiple technologies.
Veovo’s Passenger Predictability solution combines data from multiple technologies, such as WiFi/BLE & 3D Camera sensors, as well as third-party data sources, to create the best representation of current and future situations. Through advanced data-mining and predictive algorithms, both real-time and historical data is transformed into valuable information. Context-rich data is presented in an intuitive user interface with compelling visualisations. With a complete overview of the situation and intelligent recommendations, airports have the necessary tools to accurately plan and manage operations, and assign assets and resources more efficiently.

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