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Based on advanced Machine Learning algorithms, we provide Visitor Analytics systems that will give you insights of your business, presented on an easy to use Business Intelligence platform. 

From retail stores to airports and from malls to stadiums, you will be able to know the number of visitors at any given time, as well as their behaviour through a number of essential KPIs.



Real Time Occupancy

Follow government social distancing restrictions on COVID-19 by tracking & managing incoming visitor traffic with digital screening. Monitor live your occupancy levels to keep your customers and staff safe.

Retail Analytics

We set high standards. V-Count 3D Alpha+ provides industry leading 98% counting accuracy rate due to its stereo vision technology, and state of the art tracking algorithms. 

Wifi Marketing & Analytics

Engage your customers at a personal level by offering one-click access to your free WiFi via Facebook, Twitter, email and other popular social sites. Gain actionable insights into who your customers are, including their age, gender, location, interests, and what they like, all within the Aislelabs Connect platform.

Digital Signage / LFD

With our Digital Signage solutions you can efficiently communicate with customers in the store to promote and provide information on products and services and to strengthen brand awareness. 

Pax Flow

Our Pax Flow solution is tailored to individual airports´ unique needs. It combines location analysis, forecasting and engagement data from pre-existing data sources and add-on sensor technologies.

Analytics solutions that give you insights of your bricks and mortar shops.




Analytics CHALLENGE OPAP has thousands of stores around Greece and they vary in sizes. The management wanted to have insights from three flagship stores in Attica region. Apart from footfall
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Plovdiv Plaza

Analytics CHALLENGE Plovdiv Plaza is a newly built mall in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The management wanted to have footfall data as well as demographics data from day one of the mall’s
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